Welcome to Mvibu Consulting, where your visibility is our priority!!! We create and implement marketing strategies which will generate more customers and increase loyalty.

Take Control of Your Online Presence

Nowadays, the presence of a business on social media is vital, because the visibility of the business depends on it. The important thing is to get its customers closer to inform in real-time about events, new products or services without overwhelm him with information...

From Me To You

You are Entrepreneur or running a small mid-sized business?!!! LET’S TALK!!! Online Marketing is growing rapidly and getting your business out there is important. Success will not COME ALONE, therefore let’s build it integrating online marketing strategies in your marketing plan.

Why Working With Us

Mvibu Consulting is not another marketing agency, we take CUSTOMER SERVICE very seriously, this is our way of life. We make our business relationship simple:
– Flexibility by our opening hours
– We help you build your own package
– ONE MONTH FREE follow up after the end of your agreement
– 2 hours FREE CONSULTING per month during our collaboration


Mvibu Consulting is planning conferences, webinars and seminars. STAY TUNED and do not miss the opportunity to learn more about Social Media in Business. Some amazing articles and tutorials are coming up soon, make sure to register to our EMAIL LIST.

Smile, Shine and Do it

“Dare to smile, have faith and shine in business, DO IT every morning” By Sandrine B. LUVISA
It is very important to us to serve you with smile and passion, because without YOU we can not meet our expectations!!! Your satisfaction is our PRIORITY, therefore let’s make our collaboration a wonderful experience.

You Have a Message

Let me tell you a secret: We love to read from you: messages, questions or comments. Therefore feel FREE to reach out to us for any questions about our services. The contact form is yours, use it to tell your business needs or share your story. Make our inbox full of your messages. We reply fast to serve you on time.

Door Of Engagement

At Mvibu Consulting we aim to provide excellent work, what drive us is LISTEN TO our clients needs. Our Facebook Business Page is also a place where you can express yourself, ask advice and get tips about Online Marketing.  Your engagement on our Facebook Business page is like being part of your family.

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We’re pushing our limits of expertise to help you build amazing visibility... You still want more?

By this way, Action speak Louder

Social Media is a marketing platform you may should THINK about and integrate in your marketing campaign. Think like your customers and deliver to them what they really need without neglecting what they really want. Do business without forgetting ”CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”. The way you think will determine the way you will plan strategies to make your business successful. You are not alone in this journey, Mvibu Consulting is your Marketing Partner.

Nobody can be successful in business without a PLAN!Have you ever traveled without planning your journey first? What results have you got? Was it a good idea? That is why having a plan is the best way to get ideas out of your head and make them become realistic. A marketing plan is very important on the realization of your marketing strategies. Mvibu Consulting creates plans to develop the best marketing strategy your business needs to be visible online.

Build your engagement, make your social media platform a place to be, to discuss and share about your target needs. Build an audience that brings your company to the path of success by using Mvibu Consulting insights. We would like to help you achieve your goals by transforming your thoughts about social media. Engage First, Sell Later…